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Asia's Next Top Model Online (abbreviated as AsiasNTM or "AsNTM") is a online modeling show ( inspired by AsNTM and other top model franchise ) in which a number of aspiring models compete for the title of Asia's Next Top Model. The show airs on Facebook every week. Week after week there's gonna be photo shoot and after the photos were posted online, the fans will score them from the scale of one to ten and so as the judges. This will determine who stays and who goes home.

AsNTM Online Cycle 1 Call Out Order

Call-out order
Order Episodes
Pre-Show 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
1 ThymothyFritzAireeJessicaJessicaJayThymothy Airee Thymothy Airee
2 AlbertJessicaJessicaJayThymothyFritzFritz Jay Airee Thymothy
3 TonyTonyLyndeeThymothyFritzThymothyAireeThymothy Jay
4 AireeLyndeeThymothyGabrielleChrisJessicaJayFritz
5 JayGabrielleJayFritzJayAireeJessica
6 ChrisChrisJesterAireeAireeChris
7 ChristopherAireeFritzChrisGabrielle
8 MaeJayGabrielleJester
9 OddyveThymothyChrisLyndee
10 FritzJesterTony
11 Gabrielle Christopher
12 Jester Albert
13 Jessica John
14 John Danielle
15 Lyndee
16 Danielle
  • During the pre-show, Mae and Oddyve decided to quit in the competition leaving 14 models fighting for the title.
  • In episode 1, 4 models had been eliminated.
  • In episode 2, Chris was supposed to be eliminated but the disqualification of Tony saved him from going home.
  • In episode 3, Lyndee was disqualified for not sending her photo that week.
  • In the finale there was no photo shoot but the models will be judge based on the overall performance, potential and modeling skills.
Photo shoot guide
Pre show: Black and White Simple Beauty Shoot
Episode 1: Black and White Portrait/

Showcasing Personality

Episode 2: Outdoor / Street Style
Episode 3: Commercial Shoot for Shoes
Episode 4: Black and White Clothing
Episode 5: Artistic Posing
Episode 6: Snake Beauty Shot
Episode 7: Rush Hour on Streets
Episode 8: Vogue Spread - Castaways
Episode 9: Portfolio for Finale
The model was eliminated from the competition.
The model drops out in the competition.
The model was disqualified.
The contestant was originally eliminated from the competition but was saved .
The contestant was part of a non-elimination round.
The contestant won the competition.
The two contestants got the same score.

AsNTM Online Cycle 2 Call Out Order

Call-out order
Order Episodes
Pre-show1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11
Immuned N/A N/A KarmelaJaypeeJaypeeKarmelaThymothySteven Thymothy N/A N/A N/A
1 Karmela KarmelaJaypeeJaypeeKarmela ThymothySteven Thymothy Raymark Raymark JaypeeJaypee
2 Sheena Steven EmersonRaymarkRaymarkSteven JaypeeJaypee Thymothy Jaypee RaymarkRaymark
3 Long JaypeeThymothyJomelJaypee RaymarkThymothy Karmela Jaypee Thymothy Thymothy
4 John JohnKarmelaStephanoEmerson JaypeeStephano Raymark Karmela Karmela
5 Jaypee EmersonStevenKarmelaStephano KarmelaKarmela Steven Steven
6 Reymark LongRaymarkEmersonSteven StephanoRaymark Stephano
7 Emerson RaymarkJomelThymothyThymothy Emerson
8 Steven ThymothyLongStevenJomel
9 Macky StephanoStephanoLongLong
10 Jake JomelJohn
11 FielDestiny
12 Stephano
13 Thymothy
Photo shoot guide
Pre show: Black and White Simple Beauty Shoot
Episode 1: ARTPOP inspire beauty shot
Episode 2: Simplistic in white shirt
Episode 3: Twofold atmosphere
Episode 4: Beauty and nature

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